There are 12 teachers as well as an number of administrative and support staff involved in running the school. With the recent retirement of Emily Lubinda after successfully guiding the school over the last years, the prior Grade 7 Teacher Ms. Ethel Besa, has been appointed Head Teacher.

Our experienced teachers have pledged loyalty to the following principles.


  • Seek to be neither obsessively vigilant nor negligently lassier – fair.
  • Make time for the students beyond the classroom.
  • Educate above all through being present to young people in ways that show that we care for them personally.


  • Not to be concerned with impressing others.
  • To be humble and hard working.
  • To be simple and sincere people, with a a generosity of spirit and a ready smile of friendship.
  • To be innovative without seeking praise.


  • Every member of the school co,,unity belongs and is accepted.
  • There is mutual respect for one another.


  • We give the best of ourselves and stiff to improve our lessons.
  • We believe that works brings us happiness, fulfillment and dignity.

The school pupils graduating from Graceland are now achieving outstanding results on a consistent basis in their Grade 7 National Primary Certificate Examinations. This has resulted in a positive confidence in the community and the school.