School Visit – July 2013

2013 School Visit and Donations

This year, thanks to the generosity of many friends and supporters, and the hard work and dedication of Michael Nugent, a team of volunteers from Ireland managed to bring out to Graceland a large amount of equipment, including eight laptop computers, two microscopes, two telescopes, assorted laboratory equipment, pencils, copy books, mathematics sets and about 170kg of books. Read More…

We believe that the impact on the school and on the pupils of so much teaching material will be profound.

Letter from Catherine Daka – Nov 2012

Cathy Daka with the News

Catherine Daka – Joint Director

Great Success:  2012 Grade 7 Examination Results
Graceland is very pleased to have been informed that ALL students have been successful in passing their 2012 Grade 7 Examination. We wish to warmly congratulate all the students on their results. It was a stunning success for the entire class of 40 students doing the Examination. Such a result was also dependent on the high teaching skills of our Graceland Teachers as well as the supportive roles of the parents of the students involved. All together the performance of the students brings great credit to the Graceland School and Ndola. Let us clearly say THANK YOU to all involved.

The School Farm  
Graceland has now planted two hectares of maize and one hectare of groundnut and pop-corn. When all is done and harvested the intend is to feed as usual the underprivileged pupils at school.

The Library Books
The number of books ready for the new Library Room now exceeds 500. This is a stunning resource donated to Graceland. The School’s Directors, Teachers and Students are all deeply grateful to all who contributed to realising this precious educational resource.  Many parents and the St. Theresa’s school library in Ireland contributed, including students and others workers travelling by air to Zambia.

New School Buildings Completed
The new school classrooms for the extra Grades 8 & 9 have reached their completion status for the 2013 educational cycle. Final plastering is underway and students double desks will be delivered.  We wish to thank everyone who contributed to this important development. In addition, the Library’s dedicated space consists of a separate new room for the books and the attending students. Also a new Office room will serve as extra space for the new teachers joining Graceland.
Importantly, any financial donations to help meet the costs involved would be publically acknowledged and deeply appreciated.

New Year 2013 & Term Greetings  
May I take this opportunity to wish our pupils and their parents, our teachers and support staff and all in the surrounding community –  New Year & Term greetings for 2013.  Bornwell and myself trust that the year will prove to be another happy and successful year for all at Graceland.

Catherine Daka