Sister Grace

“Graceland School strives against all the odds to provide education to the poorest of the poor and manages to reach the top of the grade averages every year. It is an extraordinary place.”

Michael Nugent

Graceland School was founded in 2004 in memory of the late Sr. Grace Inambo FMSA (Congregation of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi). The founders were Sr. Grace’s sister Catherine Daka and Catherine’s husband Bornwell Daka who were both experienced teachers.

Sr. Grace will always be remembered for her pivotal role in helping the less privileged and vulnerable in Zambia communities.

In an special way, Sr. Grace spent over two years in Roscrea, County Tipperary, Ireland working with handicapped patients for the National Health Board. During the same period she was enrolled and completed a Master’s of Science (M.S.) Degree course in Rehabilitation Counselling with the University of Illinois in America by regular video-conferencing class links. The Tipperary Institute under Chief Executive Officers Dr. Luke Murtagh & John Slattery sponsored and registered this highly innovative trans-Altantic course for a class of  mature students (18) who were also working in the rural healthcare.

It was almost two years after her return to Zambia that Sr. Grace’s professional colleagues and many friends in Tipperary and in Illinois learned with shock and deep sadness about her untimely death. The  founding of Graceland School in her memory has been joyful initiative that has won their admiration and support.

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Founders of School

Directors Bornwell and Catherine Daka

Catherine and Bornwell Daka are the Joint Directors of Graceland School. They are both well experienced teachers.

Their initiative to start Graceland school to meet a real need for educating children in their local community of Pamodzi has been well received and supported by the community.

Now that foundation is well supported by the expertise of the over twelve teachers who have joined the school to educate in excess of 400 students.


Graceland’s Approach to Education:
Based on its excellent educational Primary Grade examination performances  the Zambian Ministry of Education has now authorised the expansion of Graceland School from Primary Grades through to Junior Secondary (Grades 8 & 9) classes. As a private school Graceland also operates pre-school nursery facilities as well to meet important community needs.

The School’s vision is aimed at educating children by strengthening and bringing to perfection every faculty they possess, above all to form their hearts, their wills, their characters, their conscience and their judgement.

The school has also realized that education throughout life should be based on four pillars of learning:


  • Learning to know
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to live together
  • Learning to be


In Graceland we all have the same underlying goals and thus form a single community.

These goals (1-9) can be expressed as:

1. Non teaching staff, parents and students working together to develop an environment where educational values and the word of God are held in the highest esteem. We help students to be creative, to live together and to grow as persons.
2. Inviting students to strive to improve and to give their best.
3. Aiming to provide an education that is socially and culturally relevant.
4. Giving special attention to the weak and vulnerable students.
5. Employing teaching methods which accommodate active and slow learners.
6. Encouraging work experience where practical.
7. Encouraging participation and creativity in the learning process and so encourage the students to be self-confident.
8. Encouraging them to work and research together, to communicate effectively with others and to accept responsibility.
9. Making full and wise use of the modern means of communication – the print media, television, films information technology, we teach our students to be aware of the potential of the media for both good and ill.

The school offers it’s Grace Scholarship to a worthy student who is suffering from severe hardship.