2009 – Mel & Tony Visit

Mel Healy & Dr Tony Healy visit Graceland – July 2009

Mel Healy, friend of Sister Grace and supporter in the foundation of Graceland school, visited the school for two weeks in July 2009 with his brother Dr. Tony Healy.

Their main objectives were to meet with the founding directors, Cathy and Bornwell, to bring much need school supplies which had been kindly donated and collected by Scoil San Treasa and Mount Merrion Community Group, and to assist with ICT support and set up the school’s computer lab.

PC Lab

Graceland had dedicated a room to create the Personal Computer (PC) Lab. Shortly before the visit Graceland had acquired the first 15 refurbished computers from the first container shipment to Zambia of 200 computers from Irish charity, Camara Education, which has its HQ at the Digital Hub in Dublin. Suitable tables to hold the 15 computers and chairs for the children had been acquired and installed together with dust covers to protect the pc’s and keyboards. Two high-powered fans were also installed to circulate cooler air into the room. It was a requirement that all the electrical outlets in the room be surge-protected. Graceland had undertaken that investment and it had been completed in advance of the visit.

By design the Zambia Team of Camara’s Africa’09 volunteers were in Ndola at the same time as our visit. Their IT training for selected Ndola schools was attended by two teachers from Graceland. It had been pre-agreed that technical assistance to complete the network at Graceland would be performed if time permitted and this was realised by late after-hours sessions on the two Friday’s.

Educational Supplies for the School

In the luggage there was a diverse range of used primary school books and some new ones for the students, a number of basic teaching aids, several posters on the environment (donated by the Enfo Office, Dept of Environment), chalk, duster, football, skipping rope, crayons for drawing, pens and paper (An Post donated), a globe of the earth and other supplies along with a number of Irish music CD’s and a radio/CD player (donated by Gerry Ryan, SVUH).

First Aid Box

A lockable First Aid box equipped with medical and pharmaceutical supplies and the Irish Red Cross First Aid Handbook were also included.

All the supplies delivered were warmly and graciously appreciated.

Graceland-Helping-Tony Helping-IT-training-session-with-Catherine-Bornwell

The Directors Cathy and Bornwell in an IT session with Mel Helping-Graceland-First-Aid

Helping-Graceland-Pc-Lab-2 Helping-Graceland-Gifts

Teachers and Students with Tony at the Presentation of School Supplies

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